- High Quality Beveled Glass, leaded, soldered and hinged.  Seams are smooth and shiny.
- Opens and closes easily for special arrangements, crystals, small plants, keepsakes.  Anything you want to display that is special to you. 
- Pyramid Power 

Stained Glass and Bevel Creations
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Pyramid Boxes
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6" Beveled Pyramid Box
$  28.95
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4" Beveled Pyramid Box
$  22.95
3" Beveled Pyramid Box
$  18.95
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Jewelry Box - Pyramid Power - Keepsakes - Memory Box - Terrarium - Handmade - Crystals - Metaphysical
NEW - This four sided hinged pyramid box has a hinged door and a mirrored base.  
Striking and beautiful!
$  36.95   
6" 4 sided Pyramid Box
$  45.95
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4" 4 sided Pyramid Box
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Our gorgeous handmade Pyramid Boxes are made with the highest quality beveled glass.  
A ray of light, passing through the prism-like bevel refracts all the colors of the rainbow, a stunning effect.  The seems are smooth and shiny.  
The box opens and closes easily to display crystals, jewelry, keepsakes, trinkets, anything you want to display that is special to you.  

The Ancient Egyptians used pyramids to generate, transmit and transform energy and was known to amplify thoughts. Pyramids can be used to charge and energize your crystals, pendulums, crystal gemstone jewelry, oils, water or anything you can think of. Charge on your altar, outside, in nature, or under the appropriate moon phase. Write a wish on a piece of paper and place it inside the pyramid. Or charge your lottery ticket! Just a lovely handmade artisan piece that will add beauty and magic anywhere within your sacred space. Create a display of crystals or a design scape.

Makes a great gift.  If you prefer a darker solder seam, I can use a copper or black patina upon request.